Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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Space Action Battle Pack

Ahsoka's Starfighter & Droids
LEGO's Product Review

Battle in space against Separatist droids!

Using her wits, piloting skills and Jedi training, Ahsoka flies her Clone Wars starfighter in a daring space battle against Separatist droids. Fire the flick-launching missiles, but watch out for the buzz droids! Vulture droid converts from fighter to walker mode!

Short Statistics
Overall rating: 4.2/5
Item Number: 7751
Ages: 8+
Pieces: 291
Price: $39.99

Individual Review Summary
Released in some areas as early as December 2008, this set is part of the second wave of LEGO's "The Clone Wars" line. It includes a Vulture Droid, Ahsoka's Jedi Starfighter, two Buzz Droid minifigs, and many great features. Ashoka Tano herself in Lego is a rare minifigure as she has so far been released only in large $100 sets. Her ship and the Buzz droids are a great result of LEGO's past experience with Anakin's Starfighter and Obi-Wan's Starfighter. LEGO has also included their novel flick-firering missiles which greatly add to the overall playability of this set. The color scheme of this set matches perfectly with her ship in Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series, and features some recognizable features and details. Overall, this set isn't LEGO's greatest set, but is one that can complete and perfect your Lego Star Wars Clone Wars collection enormously. 

Hyena Droid Bomber
LEGO's Product Review

Switch modes to demolish the Republic!

Switching between walker, bomber and attack modes, the Hyena Droid is a powerful multi-purpose weapon for the Separatists as seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Features four dropping bombs and three all-new rocket battle droid minifigures. 

Short Statistics
Overall rating: 4.6/5
Item Number: 8016
Recommended Age: 7+
Pieces: 232
Price: $19.99

Individual Review Summary
Just like Ahsoka's Starfighter & Droids, the Hyena Droid Bomber was also released as early as December 2008 in a few countries, and the rest of the world in January 2009 as part of LEGO's "The Clone Wars" line of products. It includes three Rocket Battle Droid minifigs, four dropping bombs, and many other features. The Hyena Droid Bomber itself is somewhat original, though it incorporates the old design from the Vulture Droid and the older Droid Starfighter. The minifigures - three rocket battle droids feature a new color scheme not seen before by LEGO, and includes an interesting rocket pack design which uses binoculars. Overall, the Hyena Droid Bomber is a great filler set to be used in conjunction with a larger more complicated set.

Combined Review

Combined Statistics
Average rating: 4.4/5
Recommended Age: 8+
Total Pieces: 523
Total Price: $59.98

As LEGO begins to cut back its production of 2008 sets, 2009 LEGO sets begin to emerge from the production line. A few of these sets go quite well with one another, and today, Lego Star Wars Club brings to you a unique Space Action Battle Pack, featuring Hyena Droid Bomber (Item Set Number 8016) and Ahsoka's Starfighter (Item Set Number 7751). This combination set includes some new and revered minifigures such as Ahsoka and Rocket Battle Droids. This combination makes a great gift for your child, friend, and just about anyone else.

When both sets went public in December 2008, LEGO was just hinting to what a fantastic year the 10th anniversary of Lego would be. We have seen some of it in the chrome version of Darth Vader, new and improved designs and features, and simply amazing new sets. Well, the year isn't over yet. The Space Action Battle Pack with over 500 pieces, each averaging under 12 cents, combines great playability, with a simply marvelous display, there's no wonder why Lego Star Wars' 10th Anniversary has a superior standard. The Space Action Battle Pack includes 4 minifigures (Ahsoka, and 3 Rocket Battle Droids), all of which simply cannot be found anywhere else for such a cheap price. LEGO's stunning depiction of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV show shows the details that no fan or collector can resist. Both sets are designed with playability and display in mind.

Building Experience
The build of both these products is generally not to too difficult as the recommended age from LEGO is around 8+ - the average LEGO building level for these types of sets. The Hyena Droid Bomber uses traditional adjustable angler pieces in the legs, and is very symmetrical, adding to the simplicity of this set. Ahsoka's Starfighter & Droids also plays off a very simplistic, symmetrical design, with identical Buzz Droids and a symmetrical wing and body design for the starfighter. Both of these sets in this combination set are very easy to build but still looks fantastic in a display.

Play Features
Great play features undoubtedly come with these two sets. For the Hyena Droid Bomber, you can switch between walker, and bomber attack modes. The Hyena Droid Bomber like many LEGO Star Wars ships include bombs that can be "dropped", adding even more fun play features for your kid or for yourself. For Ahsoka's Starfighter & Droids, you can attack the Vulture Droid using the Starfighter's flick-firing missiles. Her starfighter also includes LEGO's normal working landing gear, which consists of adjustable brick angler pieces that can "fold up" and "down" when needed. The two Buzz droids are also a great addition to this set as you can use them to attack Ahsoka and her ship in a makeshift space battle. Together, the Droid Bomber and Starfighter can be used to reenact any one of your favorite space battles throughout the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes.

These two sets, when combined, has an inventory of 523 pieces. However, to get a real idea of how valuable these sets are, lets first take a look at Ahsoka's Starfighter. Right away, you'll notice the two buzz droids, the R7-A7 droid, as well as Ahsoka Tano herself! Ahsoka Tano in LEGO is highly revered, and for many collectors, can be a real payoff in the future. The Buzz droids in this set also have some parts that many Lego enthusiasts like: saws! The Vulture Droid wings are also rare, as LEGO doesn't produce a lot of these types of wings for their set with this blue color scheme. The Hyena Droid Bomber has some real nice parts such as the Rocket Battle Droids. These special type battle droids have never appeared before in LEGO sets, and the new orange color scheme is also a rarity in Lego droids. The Rocket Pack Droids also come with new type LEGO droid arms and LEGO's somewhat new blaster pistols and rifles. Altogether, these two sets have some rare parts, though I would not recommend buying this combination set just for these parts.

The collectibility of these two sets is pretty decent. and with Ahsoka Tano with her starfighter, collectors should really go for this set. The Buzz droids in Ahsoka's Starfighter & Droids are not too collectable, though the Rocket Pack Droids in the Hyena Droid Bomber set certainty are. Some collectors though, may not like the sets as much, due to the stickers that LEGO uses to add detail onto the sets. These stickers, though nice at first, start to crack and peel as time wears on. Overall, these sets don't have an extraordinary amount of things to collect and waiting long enough for these sets to go up enough may not prove to be worthwhile.

The display of these two sets together is absolutely phenomenal. Together, you have a combination of two Star Wars space ships from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, each on opposing sides. Fans and collectors should love this set, because you can set up many battle scenes, pitting the Republic against the Separatist forces. Both of these sets look great whether on a bookshelf or a display case, and Star Wars fans can instantly recreate their favorite space battle scene with Ahsoka by using these sets!

As LEGO beings to stop production of the Droid Bomber and Starfighter, their values will begin to grow. I don't recommend resale, however, because if you are focused on the money, I suggest buying a more resell-able item such as Darth Vader's Tie. There are not many "very valuable items" and mostly these sets should be bought for its great playability, features, and display value, and not so much for its monetary value.

Concluding Remarks
Whether you are buying this set for you son, daughter, or your friend, I recommend buying them together. For one, together they have an increased play value and much more pieces for your dollar than if you buy them alone. When bought together, both sets include many worthwhile pieces, minifigures, and ships, and is well worth your money. As any kid who plays with LEGO can tell you, sometimes you buy LEGO just for the thrill of playing well.


Separatist Droid Pack
Separatist Spider Droid
LEGO's Product Review

Conquer the galaxy, one planet at a time!

Unleash the power of the Separatist Spider Droid™! This towering engine of mechanical destruction from the Clone Wars strides across hostile terrain on four independently positionable stilt legs, then uses its moveable laser cannons to blast Republic forces.

Short Statistics

Rating: 4.4/5

Pieces: 206

Price: $29.99

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Hailfire Droid & Spider Droid

LEGO's Product Review

The droid army of the Clone Wars!

The Separatist army is on the attack! Roll into battle with the giant-wheeled Hailfire droid with 8 flick-firing missiles. The heavily armed and armored spider droid is close behind, backed up by a squad of battle droids!

Short Statistics

Rating: 4.5/5

Pieces: 249

Price: $19.99

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Combined Review

Though each set recommended above has low ratings, both bought together is a great deal and features many minfigures for only $50. Buying these companion products boosts your droid army and collection, and is a great gift for kids under 11. One problem that people usually find with these sets are the Hailfire Droid treads tend to come off when rolled around. To fix this, reduce the number of links on each tread by 2 or 3 until the treads reach your desired tension. Minifigures include Commander Fox, a normal Episode I clone trooper, 5 battle droids, and 2 super battle droids.


Rebels Vs. Stormtroopers Battle Pack


Imperial Dropship

LEGO's Product Review

Build your Imperial forces!

Send in the Imperial Dropship with its stormtrooper squad! Equipped with laser cannons and a detachable troop platform, this speedy space transport is ready to battle the Rebellion on any planet in the Empire.

Short Statistics

Rating: 4.6

Pieces: 81

Price: $9.99

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Rebel Speeder

LEGO's Product Review

Fight for the Rebellion!

When the Empire is on the march, the Rebels fight back! The Rebel Scout Speeder is ready for action with a detachable rotating heavy blaster cannon and a crew of 4 new Rebel troopers straight from the Star Wars movies. Build your forces!

Short Statistics

Rating: 4.7

Pieces: 82

Price: $9.99

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Combined Review

These two battle packs are a great combo pack as a gift or present. Both packs include 4 minfigures (8 total) and blasters. Also, a new imperial minfigure is out - the Shadow Trooper, which pilots the dropship. Overall, both sets are well designed and provide great play experience for imaginative children.