Friday, April 24, 2009

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Rogue Shadow

LEGO's Product Review

The dark side unleashed!

The sinister Rogue Shadow flies out of the Star Wars™: The Force Unleashed video game! Carrying Darth Vader’s apprentice on secret missions across the galaxy, this sleek black starship with rotating wings and folding landing gear is fully armed with blaster cannons, hidden missiles, and a firing rocket to destroy your enemies.


Item Number: 7672

Average Rating: 4.5/5

Ages: 8-12

Price: $49.99

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In this review, Lego Star Wars Club brings you LEGO's first "Expanded Universe" ship - the 7672 Rogue Shadow. This set, pulled right from the Star Wars expanded universe and the new video game, "The Force Unleashed", is a combination of a radical new Star Wars era and the fifth best toy in the world, LEGO! The set itself contains the unorthodox Rogue Shadow and three extremly rare minifigures that have never been seen in LEGO before: battle damaged Darth Vader, Juno Eclipse, and the powerful Galen Marek, also known as Starkiller and Vader's apprentice. This is a rare set for LEGO, because it is the only LEGO set completely from the expanded universe.


With an odd shape and size and devastating power, the LEGO Rogue Shadow is one of a kind in your collection of Star Wars LEGOs! It includes 482 pieces for only $49.99! It has three rare minifigures, including a new battle-damaged Darth Vader and the all-new Starkiller! To some, the Rogue Shadow may look like a hybrid of a TIE-advanced starfighter, a Y-wing starfighter, and a TIE-fighter. Then again, the Rogue Shadow is an Imperial test starfighter with an experimental cloaking device - a device that allows a ship to disappear from sight and from sensors. With the Rogue Shadow, you can hunt down Jedi like never before!

Building Experience

The LEGO Rogue Shadow is a fairly easy build if you have build one or two sets in the the past. The ship itself uses an intuitive build method that allows the odd, unorthodox wings to attach to the main body. It also uses some bricks not commonly found in most Star Wars sets. Most Star Wars ships are relatively symmetrical. This is the complete opposite with the Rogue Shadow. It has an odd body shape that seems wrong when you build it, but really is right. It sometimes can throw the builder off. The best part about building this set is seeing where are the secret weaponry and features go. This ship is loaded with surprises. After all, it is a prototype ship in the Imperial navy. There are hidden missiles, flick-fire missiles, and much more hidden within the ship. As good as it seems, there are problems associated with the general design of the 7672 Rogue Shadow. On my opinion, the color scheme is relatively bland, with black as the prominent color. Then again, this is supposed to be a stealthy ship. Also, there isn't sufficient room to house both Starkiller and Juno Eclipse within the ship, and side panels fall off easily. As usual, the flick-fire missiles don't always stay where you want them to. If you have read, learned, or played Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, you know about a third creature involved with Starkiller and Juno. They have a droid, or rather Darth Vader does, called PROXY. This droid plays a large roll in Starkiller's story.

Play Features

This set is a set that tries to please both collectors and kids. The playability of this set is very high because of all the things you can do with it. There are many weapons, from rockets to blasters, to take on the rest of your LEGO collection! For one, there is a special lever that activates a hidden missile. Also, there are flick-fire missiles mounted on the ship. The only problem with these, as mentioned before, is that they fall out all too often, and are annoying to put back. A nice part about the ship is that the side 'wings' fold up for landing. The wings also attract the attention of onlookers because of their odd shape, as we will talk about in Display. There are also smaller features like how the roof opens up that really add to the playability of this set. The overall playability of this set is a moderate 6, because it might not be the best 'swoosh' set for kids under seven.


• The wings move on liftoff

• Includes a spring-loaded missile cannon

• Hidden weapons in and around the ship

• Rare minifigures


• Cockpit design is too small

• Set needs the PROXY droid

• Side ship panels fall off easily

• Flick-fire missiles fall out


Despite the low amount of minifigs included with this set (3), they are all very rare and have not been produced by LEGO ever before and therefore compensate for the statistically low amount. The torso design is characteristically true to the original characters from the Star Wars expanded universe. Minifigure collectors and most other collectors will really want this set because of this, and later these minifigures can amount to a large sum of money. The battle-damaged Darth Vader is also a nice addition to anyone's set, though I still prefer the normal Darth Vader over the battle-damaged one. The minifigures really add to the overall value of this set and also adds some much needed playability.


If you are buying for rare pieces, this is not the set for you. If you are looking for an odd way to put common pieces together, look no further. This ship is just about the oddest creation LEGO has ever made in their Star Wars line. Its asymmetrical design and irregular wings make it a great set if you are going for a true rarity. The amount of black pieces also makes for a nice scrap set that can be added on to a variety of LEGO Star Wars and other LEGO sets. The Rogue Shadow includes some cannon fire type missiles, which have been discontinued in 2009 LEGO Star Wars sets and also in most other sets. These missiles are somewhat rare and are a great addition as a hidden gun on a ship or just a large turbo-laser cannon on a base. It features, many weapons including flick-fire missiles which also are easy to implement on various structures and vehicles.


Since this set is from the expanded universe, it is moderately collectable, though it is not as largely known of a ship as an X-Wing or a Y-Wing which were widely made popular from many popular scenes in Star Wars such as the Trench Run. The Rogue Shadow is made even more collectable because of its high display value as a ship and because of the addition of the battle-damaged Darth Vader, Juno Eclipse, and Darth Vader's Apprentice. In the end, this set does not have many collectable features besides its never-seen-before minifigures and odd design, and collectors should think twice before buying this set to add to their collection.


The Rogue Shadow as mentioned before in the Collectibility section has a moderately-high display value because of its sleek black design and its irregular and odd shape. As with most other LEGO Star Wars sets, the Rogue Shadow cannot be as good when on display without the minifigures than if it has the minifigures. Also as with most other LEGO Star Wars ships, the Rogue Shadow lacks a display stand or placard, though these can be easily put together with scrap parts and with a simple print-out pasted on a upright baseplate. The Rogue Shadow is mainly black which is a great attractor to dust, so when you are thinking about putting this set on display, be sure to buy or create a display case to shield it from the dust.


Right now, you wouldn't be able to resell the 7672 Rogue Shadow for much. But, as normal, If you wait for production to stop or for the minifigs to become even rarer than they are, then you can get a decent profit. Because of the minifigures, this set will be worth at least $80 US dollars in a year. In two years, the minifigures alone could sell for a minimum of $20 to a nice sum of $100! Although these numbers seem nice, the truth is that this set will not make you as much money as other LEGO sets that you could buy for the same price. Besides the minifigures, this set has little to nothing else to offer as a profit generator, and because of this your money could be better spent on other LEGO Star Wars sets.

Concluding Remarks

As you can see, the Rogue Shadow is unlike any other LEGO Star Wars sets that LEGO has produced. Because of this, we can safely conclude that the Rogue Shadow will be a great gift for most children and display collections. This set might even be a great gift for yourself, and just think, LEGO may never produce another version of the Rogue Shadow or another version of a battle-damaged Darth Vader again!