Thursday, April 9, 2009

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Assassin Droids Battle Pack
LEGO's Product Review

Unleash an army of destructive droids!

Programmed for stealth and destruction, assassin droids are used by gangsters, smugglers and crooks on every planet from Coruscant to Tatooine. Build up your own army of these silent, skilled and sneaky droids and send them out with their flick-missile-firing speeder on secret missions all across the galaxy!

Item Number: 8015
Average Rating: 4.8
Ages: 6-12
Price: $9.99

In this review, Lego Star Wars Club will give you a great look at one of the most playable sets of 2008-2009: the Assassin Droids Battle Pack. The Assassin Droids Battle Pack was first released in December 2008 in the U.S and January 2009 to the rest of the world. This set, along with Clone Walker Battle Pack, were part of the second wave of Clone Wars products inspired by the animated series on Cartoon Network and the movie: Star Wars - The Clone Wars which premiered in early 2008. This set has been rated 4.8 by us and can be bought for the price of $9.99 via LEGO® and $12.99 in non mainland stores (Hawaii, Alaska). It comes with three Assassin Droids 2 Elite Assassin Droid (referred to as Assassin Droid Commanders), and a sleek flick-firing-missile speeder bike. The Assassin Droids Battle Pack combines both playability with an overall cheap price.

The elegant flick-firing-missile speeder bike and the fearsome battle droids make a great combination. The Assassin Droids Battle Pack includes 94 pieces for under just $10 (shipping not included), a cheap sum considering the other LEGO Star Wars™ sets currently on the market. The custom LEGO Assassin Droids design, an array of firing weapons, and speeder bike make this set one of the best LEGO sets for kids of all ages. Some of the more detailed specifics of the Assassin Droids Battle Pack are new black Star Wars Droid arms, a new black droid torso, legs for the Elite Assassin droids, and flick-firing missiles for the speeder bike. The Assassin Droids Battle Pack is an awesome addition to anyone's Confederate and Assassin Army!

Building Experience
The 8015 Assassin Droids Battle Pack utilizes an innovative building process for the speeder. The triangular side pieces are mounted with the traditional axle-into-a-brick method. The flick-fire missiles are mounted on the same axle that the triangular bricks are mounted on, which saves space, bricks, and most importantly, money. The speeder only fits two Assassin Droids, which to some can be considered a con. Overall, this set is very easy to build and very satisfying for your kids - though not for an adult builder when finished.

Play Features
• Rare Assassin Droid minifigures
• Flick-firing missiles
• Easy-to-play-with Assassin Droid Speeder

The best play feature is both the minifigures and the speeder itself, because it is very easy to push around for and play with. The Assassin Droids are also somewhat posable and fit can very well into your collection or diorama. The flick fire missiles are very easy to use, and unlike some other sets have a nice open area to put you finger to flick. The flick-firing missiles are also very easy to aim because the speeder bike isn't a standing up and is very stable.

The best part of the Assassin Droids Battle Pack are the new black Assassin Droid parts and the flexible triangular side pieces, which are extremely rare in LEGO. Although other sets come with the some droid parts, this set includes more minifigures per dollar than most LEGO sets and also includes hard-to-find-in-bulk 2008-2009 blaster rifles and blaster pistols. Besides the minifigure parts and accessories, it also comes with the traditional speeder front piece, which is the only other semi-rare part included in the set. The Assassin Droids battle pack also includes flick-firing missiles, which are also semi-rare and can replace many lost missiles "lost in action", or can be included in a secret base as a pop-out weapon. Most if not all of the parts included in the Assassin Droids battle pack are largely interchangeable with many LEGO Star Wars sets.

The Assassin Droids Battle Pack is more for play than for collection, partially because of the low "rare-parts" number. The Assassin Droids Battle Pack is only good for a collector who either needs every single set that LEGO produces in their LEGO Star Wars line, or for a collector who just needs more Assassin Droids. For most collectors, the Assassin Droids Battle Pack will not be one of the top items in their checklist of 2009 LEGO "sets to buy", but will be more on their checklist for LEGO sets to "buy for a friend". The easiest and best way to collect LEGO sets is to buy them in pairs, and buying the Assassin Droids Battle Pack with the Clone Walker Battle Pack will make this set even more collectable.

The Assassin Droids Battle Pack has a moderate display value by itself. With a interesting design and great minifigures, this set looks moderately when on display, though the low piece count does lower the overall "wow" when most people first see this set. Though when bought together with the Clone Walker Battle Pack, you can set up your own diorama or makeshift battle even while having a nice "punch-for-the-price". Overall the Assassin Droids Battle Pack is more a set to be combined with one or more larger LEGO sets than a set to be played with and displayed alone.

Because this set contains very little extremely rare parts, it will be very hard to resell later on. As usual with most LEGO Star Wars sets, you can wait a few years until Assassin Droid Battle Packs become extremely rare, so you can make a modest profit. The only different thing about the Assassin Droids Battle Pack is the fact that it is one of the sets released in 2009, the 10th anniversary for LEGO Star Wars. This event combined with a Clone Walker Battle Pack may help you find an even larger profit than normal.

Concluding Remarks
As Lego Star Wars Club wraps up the review for the 8015 Assassin Droids Battle Pack, consider the value for your buck for this set. The Assassin Droids Battle Pack and the Clone Walker Battle Packs give you a great play value for a small price. Though the Assassin Droids Battle Pack does not contain any very "rare" parts, kids and diorama makers will love this set and buying it for them, yourself, or as a sweet party game is a good decision. The 8015 Assassin Droids Battle Pack is one of LEGO's best value set of 2009 - and who knows, you may just find a Chrome Darth Vader!