Tuesday, March 17, 2009

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Republic Attack Gunship
LEGO's Product Review

Send in the clones…and the Jedi Knights!

Take the battle to the Separatists with the Republic Attack Gunship™! This heavily armed and armored Clone Wars troop carrier can fly and land in any battlefield or hostile terrain. Features include opening troop bay doors, removable command station and healing chamber, positionable cannons, spy droids, flick missiles, a speeder bike that deploys from the back, and multiple decals to create different gunships for your army. But will even Obi-Wan Kenobi and Plo Koon be enough to stop the sinister Asajj Ventress and her double Sith lightsabers? 

    Item Number: 7676
    Average Rating: 4.7
    Age Group: 9-14
    Total Pieces: 1034
    Price: $119.99

    In this review, LEGO® Star Wars Club brings you the finer points of one of the most realistic and special sets of LEGO Star Wars 2008-2009! The Republic Attack Gunship was released in mid-2008, marking a new era of LEGO Star Wars: The Clone Wars products. In this set, LEGO has really redesigned their old Republic Attack Gunship, adding many moive-authentic play features and new Clone Wars style clone-troopers. Although this amazing set is priced at a relatively high, $199.99, it has many special features that make it worth-while as a large gift for any collector or special kid!

    The LEGO Republic Attack Gunship, also known as the Low Altitude Assult Transport, has 1034 pieces and a lot of minifigs! This helps with the overall play value, and will really boost the display value. The rare Plo Koon minifigure is only found in this set, and is another great reason to buy it for collectors and kids alike. Also, because the set includes the sinister Asajj Ventress and Obi-wan Kenobi, you can reenact the famous battle between them as seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie. These minifigures can also be used in combination with other classic LEGO Star Wars sets, as there are many scenes in which many of these characters come into play. With Plo Koon, you can also replay the famous battle between Koon's fleet and the dreaded Malevolence starship, though other sets should also be bought in order to create this action-packed scene. The best part about this set is how much detail that LEGO put into it. Plo Koon's mask resembles the real one with the utmost precision. Unlike LEGO's Kt Fisto, Released in 2007, Plo Koon's mask is not rubber-like, and is actually hard plastic, like every other LEGO piece in your collection. Everything in this set does something, from the cockpit seats to the eight guns on top, LEGO has really well crafted this flying-playset.

    Building Experience
    When you first open this gigantic set, you can literally see the amount of pieces included in this set. Every piece contributes in some way to the overall building experience and play value. LEGO followed many of their old Republic Gunship Designs, such as the wings, and engines for this spectacular build. As in almost every LEGO Star Wars set, there is a lot of symmetry and "2x" instructions incorporated into its overall design. Overall, the building is relatively easy for the experienced LEGO hobbyist, but not the best choice for a young LEGO builder. The build can get tedious at times, but at the end is worth it as each part contributes to the accuracy, and play features it has. Some of the best build features include:

    • Use of cone bricks to simulate the two large engines mounted above the gunship.
    • Intuitive design combinations for maximum play features
    • Features rare minifigures

    • Stickers as decals and details
    • Cockpit is hard to rebuild
    • Flick-fire missiles sometimes fall out
    • No side pods

    Play Features 
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi, Asajj Ventress, Commander Cody, a Clone trooper, and the coveted Plo Koon minfigures
    • Side bay doors open
    • 8 positionable flick fire missiles and 2 rotating missiles
    • Spy droids accessible from the back hatch
    • A speeder bike that can be stored within the ship
    • Minifigure accessories

    The best feature in this set is that everything does something. There are countless hatches and firing mechanisms. The main side doors have an intuitive way of opening: You push in a LEGO part, and they open automaticly. There are also lots of weapons for the minifigures and on the ship including 8 flick-fire missiles and two front-mounted rotating missiles. There are also many accessories that come with this set, such as the spy droids and the minifigure accessories. Together, they make for one of LEGO's best Star Wars: the Clone Wars sets.

    To say it plainly, this set was not meant to be collected. Its high price and many play features all prove that this set is not a set to buy for your collection. This set,  however expensive does include many minifigure accessories and minifigures that you can't find anywhere else. It also includes parts which allow you to make rare setups like the Bacta tank. The minifigures are very well designed by LEGO and are very rare. Commander Cody is very precise to the original Star Wars saga and has a great color scheme and decal placement. There are also rare brick colors included in this set. Overall, it would be better off with your kids or as a present to someone as a playset, but it still can be a great [expensive] addition to your collection.

    This set would look perfect in your display case! It has an impressive look to it, because it measures 14" long, 17" wide, and 7" high! The colors of the set look perfect in the average home, and the minifigures only add to the general look! Sadly, there is no display stand included in the set, but one can easily be purchased off of one of the unofficial LEGO markets. Plus, you can just build your own stand from your old LEGOs or your LEGO: Factory or CREATOR parts.

    This set will be coveted by LEGO fans throughout the LEGO Star Wars Era after production stops! It has rare parts that will disappear very soon. This is set includes one of the first versions of Plo Koon, a leading Master in the Jedi council. Overall, you could sell this set for $180+ when production stops. After Five years, this set could easily sell for $600+!

    Concluding Remarks
    As you can see, this incredible set includes many play features that make it worth the money. Hopefully, as time progresses, many resellers will find that their investment paid off. Though this set is somewhat expensive, it includes numerous features and will make the perfect gift for yourself or a kid. Overall though, I would wait for the new AT-OT Walker & Dropship to come out before buying this set. Stay tuned for more reviews and for an exclusive review on the AT-OT Walker.