Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Clone Walker Battle Pack
LEGO's Product Review

March into battle with the Clone Army!

As the Clone Wars rage across the galaxy, the Republic army advances across the battlefields of hundreds of planets. Build up your army with the Clone Walker™, a tough 2-man vehicle with poseable legs and flick-firing missiles!


Item Number: 8014

Average Rating: 4.8

Ages: 6-12

Total Pieces: 72

Price: $9.99

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Today, Lego Star Wars Club will give you a premiere review of one of our Best 2009 Lego Star Wars products. We have selected this product because of its great playability, unique play features, and minifigs only found in several sets. The Clone Walker Battle Pack was first released in December 2008 in the U.S and U.K and January 2009 for the rest of the world as part of the second wave of The Clone Wars line of products. This quality set has been rated 4.9 and is sold for the inexpensive price of $9.99 and comes with two clone troopers, one clone commander, and one clone gunner. Read on as you now get an inside look at one of the best of '08.

With its stunningly simple yet at the same time very visually appealing design, the Clone Walker Battle Pack includes 72 pieces for under just $10. The uniquely redesigned clone gunner's torso and helmet, an array of clone armor and accessories, and its simple build make this one of the most sought after products from the Clone Wars Era. Some of the more supplementary features of the Clone Walker Battle Pack include new black armor for the clones, flick-firing missiles for the walker, and poseable legs. It is a great addition to anyone's collection.

Building Experience
The 8014 Clone Walker Battle Pack inputs the traditional building techniques for Walkers while simultaneous introducing a new, yet straightforward build pattern. Like many other sets, it will play off symmetrical design for both the legs and within the cockpit. The legs will use adjustable angler pieces to put the walker in just about any position, and with a wider foot, you no longer need to worry if it will stand up properly. Overall, the set is a very easy build and will be accommodated by the complexity level of 7 and up.

Play Features
• Bag of Clone Armor and Accessories
• Flick-firing missiles
• Poseable Clone Walker
• New Episode I Clone Minifigures

The best play feature is the Clone Gunner minifig, as it comes with a new redesigned torso, helmet, and accessories. The flick-fire missiles add to the playability of the set and are a great feature.

The best pieces of the Clone Walker Battle Pack are the array of clone armor and accessories. Although other sets come with accessories, this set features over five unique guns and a set of black armor—never has such a large collection of accessories been released in a single set. Besides the accessories, there are no other collectible pieces.

I like to classify sets into "playable" and "collectible". This set just happens to be a playable one. It has a few collectible parts that will increase in value, but this set is more about playability. If you're in for the profit and the play, I suggest buying two sets and selling off one. That way, you will still get to experience the Clone Walker Battle Pack and make a profit.


The Clone Walker Battle Pack has a quality display value. With a timeless design and an inside peek at a Clone Wars battle scene, its display value is a large part of the set's value. The walker can also be combined with other sets to form a spectacular arrangement of the history of the Clone Wars, or you can combine the set with other battle scenes to form your own Clone Army!

As this product contains several sought after minifigs, new redesigned features, and many other fine qualities, its value is sure to escalate in the coming years as LEGO ceases to manufacture and distribute the Clone Walker Battle Pack. Because it is still being sold by LEGO, it will not turn out much of a profit if you were to sell it now on Bricklink, eBay, or another store today. However, for this set really to make a profit, you need to wait a couple of years at the most and the value is sure to increase several fold.

Concluding Remarks
As this review of comes to a close, I would like you to consider all the features, parts, and and the set itself. Whether you want to buy it for your children or yourself for its features, collectibility, or just simply to own it, the Clone Walker Battle Pack will be definitely worth your time, effort, and money. So whether its for your son's birthday or just for a kids party idea, seriously consider buying this exceptional set.